Licensed Psychotherapist

Specializing in Problems
associated with Mood, Anxiety,
Relationships, Life Changes
and Substance Abuse


I am a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in treating Mood,
Anxiety, Relationships, Life Changes and Substance Abuse

I offer a holistic approach to psychotherapy; assisting couples and
individuals in reducing symptoms related to their problems, prevention of
more serious problems, and resolution of conflicts.  My treatment
planning involves clearly defined objectives and goals that we work
together to identify and explore during the initial treatment phase.
Therapy offers accountability in learning to maintain the objectives so that
the goals are achieved. I elicit my clients strengths and foster an
environment of personal growth and self-awareness.

I encourage all prospective clients to interview a few therapists; a strong
therapeutic alliance is the greatest indicator of successful outcomes in
therapy. My first session is free and I have a sliding fee based on your
ability to pay.
Clinical Orientation
3171 Los Feliz Blvd., Suite 307
Los Angeles, CA  90039
My theoretical approach to psychotherapy
is based on the Psychosocial Model. The
theoretic underpinnings of this Model are
broad and eclectic including Freudian
personality theory, ego psychology, systems
theory, role theory, communications theory,
learning theory, existential psychology, and
socialization theory.

My clinical orientation to psychotherapy is
eclectic and based on the presenting
problem. This includes psychodynamic,
interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral and
humanistic theories.
Work Experience
I have been providing mental health services for the past twelve
years. I am currently employed as a Clinical Social Worker for a
Comprehensive Transplant Center. I provide psychological and
emotional support, in-depth psychosocial evaluations, and facilitation
of a weekly transplant support group
and weekly relaxation group.
Prior to my work in transplant, I worked at Lifelong Medical Center,
a community based primary care clinic in Berkeley, CA. I provided
long-term and brief psychotherapy to patients with mild, moderate,
and severe psychiatric symptoms. I also provided case management
to the HIV program and crisis intervention and brief psychosocial
assessments in the clinic.
If you are in need of couples counseling, the Gottman method is an effective
and practical approach. I have attended Level 1: Couples Therapy at the
Gottman Institute, an empirically based approach to working with couples.
This method works to improve communication, decrease conflict, enhance
friendship and explore shared goals and rituals.
Couples Counseling
I received my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women’s Studies from
Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA and my Masters degree in Social Work
from University of California at Berkeley. I am a Licensed Clinical Social
Worker (LCSW) in the state of California.  Professional memberships
include the National Association of Social Workers.
John A. Pappas, MSW, LCSW